Hot tubs in Canada are mainly manufactured either in Canada or the States. Industry estimates have the amount of hot tubs in Canada sold approximately 1/10th the number sold in the U.S. This goes hand in hand with the population of Canada being about 1/10th of the U.S. population. When something goes wrong, it can be costly to pay import duties and high shipping costs when buying parts in the U.S. so finding a reliable Canadian spa parts distributor saves time, money and gets your spa repaired quicker.

As with any electrical repair, it is best to let qualified spa professionals handle the task of spa repair. Your Canadian hot tub parts distributor is a great source for referrals of local spa technicians qualified to perform hot tub repairs. Whether you live in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia or other Canadian province, you can find the part and service you require for your hot tub locally from knowledgeable experts in spa troubleshooting and parts sourcing. Spa repair companies that have an ongoing relationship with a local parts supply house can assure speedy repairs and less downtime.

Some of the most popular spa parts needed include spa pumps, spa circuit boards, packs and electronics, topside controls, ozonators, air blowers and a host of other hot tub components. When replacing parts, it is best to use brand name components to assure trouble free operation. Canadian spas undergo a harsher winter and may be subject to freezing and the associated damage a frozen spa can receive.

Leaving a spa empty can cause some problems in both Winter and Summer months. In the wintertime, an improperly drained spa can have water remaining in low areas of Cleveland med spa the piping such as in spa manifolds and other plumbing areas. As a result, during a freeze, the remaining water can freeze, expand and crack some of the plumbing parts including a spa manifold, creating a costly repair. The manifold plumbing parts may only be a few dollars, but finding and repairing the leak can cost much more, so it is best when one thing goes wrong with the hot tub to take care of the problem right away and avoid lengthy downtime.

Most spa components can easily be replaced such as pumps, spa packs, spa topside controls, blowers, ozonators and other electronics. Other spa repair situation such as leaks can involve lengthy troubleshooting, especially in fully foamed spas where the leak may not be easy to find without digging out a lot of sprayed on foam.

Just like when something goes wrong with the car, a hot tub in Canada may require service to troubleshoot and repair a condition that becomes apparent when using the spa. It is then time to call a local spa repair professional with connections to local spa parts stock to assure a speedy repair. Even better, you can contact the spa parts stocking facility to assure your part is in stock and they can refer you to a local qualified technician to complete the repair with the in-stock part. In this way you are not relying on a technician to install an off-brand part or leave you hanging for weeks while a particular part is on order from a far away supplier.

One of the biggest points to realize about the way spas are manufactured is that most hot tub manufacturers use similar parts or select from a relatively few spa component manufacturer’ components. So many of the Sundance spa parts, Hot Springs spa parts, Cal Spa parts made in the United States are the same as the Canadian Beachcomber or Arctic spa parts or spa components. Wherever the spa is manufacturered, the actual spare parts needed for repair may come from the same source. For example, Pleatco filters can be found in dozens of brand name spas, the plastic plumbing parts originate from the same supplier, even some of the electronics are made by Gecko, Balboa, Newport Controls or CTI. Consequently Canadians are finding these spa parts in Canada and not having to pay high shipping expenses or wait a long time to get the hot tub working again.

Knowing they can source pumps and spa heaters from a Canadian supplier can save a freezing hot tub in the winter from bursting all of the pipes when time is of the essence. Many Canadians are unaware that just because they purchased their American spa at a big box retailer, they don’t have to buy the parts in the U.S. and risk their spa freezing over in the mean time.

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