Thanks to internet technologies, having any kind of content transcribed has become easier than ever. Materials can be converted across virtually any modern medium quickly and conveniently and without the need for long periods of down time. Not all online transcription services providers are created equal, however; and if you choose to go this route for your transcription needs, the old adage “Buyer Beware” certainly applies. payment reminder Here are some essential qualities to look for before making a decision.

Longevity: You only want to choose a company that has been in business a long time – both for your own protection and for quality control purposes. Unfortunately, too many services are fly-by-night types or simply contract with home-based workers who may or may not have appropriate training. Go with experience and longevity in the trade and you’ll be less likely to be led astray.

Confidentiality: Anything you have transcribed is your business and your business only. Insist on a transcription service provider that will not sell your information to other entities or place your name under “list of clients” on their website for self-promotion purposes.

Reliability: Ask any company you are considering to provide proof of accuracy in their work. A good one should average about 98 percent or even higher. A bad transcription – even at bargain basement prices – is no good to anyone.

Pricing for online transcription services is all over the place, but you should be able to get the quality you want for less than two dollars a minute. The importance of this service makes doing a little extra research well worth your time.

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