When we detoxify our body through cleansing, fasting, green drinks, juicing and herbs we are ultimately getting rid of toxic agents and impurities in our body that cause sickness and disease. Toxins drain through the channels of the lymphatic system and into the kidneys, liver, and the colon where they finally escape the body. When lymph channels become blocked toxins can’t escape. Eventually if we allow toxins to build up in our body we will become sick and diseased.

The Basic Job of the Lymphatic System (LS)
The lymph channels works closely with the circulatory areas to provide nutrients and hormones to the cells. Healthy cells-means healthy body. It works as a drainage canal to the whole body, releasing toxins and impurities. Properly working LS is your best defense against infections and disease. It must be kept free of pollution and blockage for the body to function optimally.

It destroys pathogens and filters waste into the bowels and kidneys, which ultimately aids in the circulatory system working properly. If you often get swollen lymph glands it means you are overloaded with toxins and the channels are blocked. This also means that your circulatory structure is not getting the amounts of nutrients it needs to be healthy. This leads to weak vessels and arteries that run through your body.

Diet For Proper LS Health
Diet plays a huge role in how healthy your lymphatic system is. Everyone has some amount of toxins within their body, but some people have considerable more because they don’t take the necessary steps to stay healthy. Even if a person ate a natural, whole foods diet, exercised, and stayed in great shape they still should detoxify the body periodically just because of environmental hazards entering it on a daily basis.

Some health advocates opt for a once a month 24 馬鞍山通渠 -hour maintenance fast, to give the digestive system a rest. Lymphatic massage is also a great way to get drainage moving and releasing toxins.

If you think your lymphatic system might be clogged that means the nutrients from the foods you are eating are not getting absorbed properly into your bloodstream to feed your body. There are too many toxins blocking the way for the nutrients to enter. This is why some people who do everything right to stay healthy seem to feel tired and sluggish. The body needs adequate amounts of nutrients to sustain it. But if the body is clogged and not releasing toxins you will feel tired.

Detoxify The Body
One way to detoxify the body is through a system of herbs that are especially designed for this job. The many different herbs in this herbal wrap are carefully selected to gently agitate the lymphatic system, aiding in the release of toxic buildup and breaking up fat cells.

You will look and feel younger in just one application-although several applications are recommended for total detoxification of the system. Besides wearing this herbal wrap for one hour, it is also recommended to eat a good daily diet of whole natural foods, get plenty of exercise, pure water, sunshine, and sleep. You are your body’s best friend-take care of you!


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