There is an adage that learning never stops. Fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals feel the necessity to grasp new knowledge and skills in their lifespan from time to time. The reasons are aplenty. Fresh graduates need to pursue various short term courses or the new-age online courses to increase their chances of cracking a suitable job. On the other hand, professionals with years of experience need to do part time courses either to get well-versed with the latest concepts and technologies or to boost their career prospects further. India as the education hub of the world presents countless part time, short term or online courses to their seekers.

Part time courses, of late, are getting huge popularity among students and professionals alike. Many working executives prefer these courses to regular ones due to their flexible timing, innovative course structure, and to a certain extent, affordable costs. They can also pursue their desired courses without leaving their jobs. Evening classes are organized in most part-time courses. Here, professionals can interact with each other through case-study approach to find and solve real-life business problems. Students with financial constraints can also opt for them as these courses are duly recognized by various universities and government bodies. The teaching standard, examination pattern and placement record of part time courses are also similar to many regular a course in miracles ones.

Part time management programs have a lot of takers in India. There are also courses related to computer, finance, advertising and public relations management, event management, marketing management and nautical sciences. Many reputed institutes in cities like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore satisfy all your part-time educational requirements completely. These include Tolani Maritime Institute, VLCC Institute, Indian Institute of Finance, Welingkars Institute of Management, Amity School of Distance Education and Institute of Public Enterprise.

Short term courses are a lot specialized in nature and can strengthen your professional portfolio considerably. Many such job-oriented courses are related to IT, banking, finance, marketing, HR, engineering, animation, design, retail and law. People who are looking for good short-term web design and development courses can find them in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. NIIT Limited is a well-known institute for short term courses on Java programming language, system administration and web application deployment. Similarly, there is Manipal Institute of Communication that offers a certificate course in animation technology.

The advent of computers and the Internet have paved the way for many education portals in India. These portals offer many different online courses related to IT, animation, multimedia, English, journalism, foreign languages, insurance and management. Realizing the current demand of online courses, several universities and colleges have started offering diploma and degree courses online. You can get most advanced learning experience with these courses that are accredited in the industry for their quality. Gurukul Online Learning Solutions, located in Mumbai, is one such online platform having certificate and diploma courses on ethical hacking, financial planning, insurance planning, and stock market operations.

The learning scenario in India is changing rapidly with different dimensions being added to the existing structure. All you need to do is to explore the right avenues for learning and give your career further boost.

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