Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is a multi-level marketing company that has quite a bit of momentum, even though there’s some controversy attached to this company. It was founded back in 2001 by Paul Orberson. Aside for its dubious reputation, it has grossed over $500 million in sales per year from the clever marketing techniques and strategies it implements.

The company is headquartered in located in Lexington, Kentucky and it has amazingly remained debt free since the first day of its operation, which makes it a very strong company in the MLM world.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Products

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing focuses on the latest consumer goods, such as a high speed Internet connection, various phone services for the home and clubs for vacations and reliable home security systems.

Remaining true to its strategy, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing chooses to ally with the best and biggest names in the telecommunications industry such as AT&T, Verizon and the DISH network. This is a unique strategy, as these are everyday consumer goods that are very popular.

No one can survive without having one or two of these gadgets in this modern world. Therefore, this company offers a very lucrative opportunity for anyone looking to build a nice residual income, from home by promoting its products. You are selling to a hungry market.

Upfront Fees & Growth

You need an upfront payment of $299 to participate into this program. From there, you train new recruits under you to qualify as the leader of the team. There are two entry points; you can train as a trainer or a manager.

You’re then required to train eight new recruits to move into the trainers position from the managers position and this can be done automatically if are willing to invest another $299 into the program. You would be paid $40 to train a new recruit under you. A manager gets paid $40 for a new recruit while a trainer gets double that amount.

No matter which path you choose, it is important to realize that for every MLM program, generating leads remains the main priority to become successful in this business.Techmaster60

How does Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Need Improvement?

Since Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is competing against billion dollar companies like AT&T or Verizon, lead generation is imperative. With that said, distributors need a unique way to compete with these big companies, by generating large numbers of leads on a day to day basis.

Based on several Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing reviews, they do not teach a targeted lead generation strategy.

In order for you to be a successful network marketer you need a way to get targeted leads:


  • Without ranting and raving over your friends and family.
  • Without giving away a CD to people who don’t want your CD.
  • Without sampling your product to people who could care less.
  • Without pestering people while their shopping in the grocery store.


Fortune Hi-Tech Doesn’t teach this.

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