Have you ever thought about what your conscious is and how it actually works?

Your conscious is like a little voice inside you that tells you where the line between right and wrong is. It’s your moral barometer. It’s a sign that God put inside every human being to help us distinguish between what is and what is not according to his will.

In a way, our conscious is linked to our emotions. When we do the right thing, we feel good about it and good about ourselves. But when we’ve crossed the lines, we don’t feel so good, yes, lower than low.

God gave us our conscience to help us make the right choice at the crossroads in life. Unfortunately, we are able to put our conscience so far away in a cupboard inside us that we can no longer hear its advice. As a result, we take decisions that are not so fresh and the world around us becomes filled with dead bodies.

We’re looking for big trouble if we hide our thoptv new version apk conscience from ourselves. Look back at your life. Do you see the times you suffered; suffered because you made the wrong choices in life? People close to you bled. I see a few of those times in my life. I can also see my conscience was nowhere to be seen. I succeeded in hiding my conscience from myself and silenced that little voice.

Sometimes we’re so stupid…

Paul is an example of how to do it right 3… He is my fathers’ God and mine, and my only purpose in life is to please him. Paul has a clean conscience, because he remained faithful to the voice inside him and he followed his moral barometer. Like his spiritual grandmas and grandpas, and moms and dads, he served God.

With everything in him he held onto God’s words and allowed those words to shape his thoughts and determine the way he was going. Even in terrible circumstances, with his life in danger, sitting in a mouldy, dirty old prison, he did not allow himself to hide his conscience in a cupboard. On the contrary, he ensured that he had the latest version of his conscience and that it could play a crucial role in his decision-making.

If we want to save ourselves and those around us much hurt and hardship, we need to learn from Paul. Firstly, we must realise that our conscience got damaged in the fall and is pulling sideways. Well, actually it sounds to me as if the fall had nearly turned down the volume button on our conscience all the way and that’s why we can no longer hear it so well.

That’s why we have to turn the volume up again by getting our noses in God’s Word. Then we can help our conscience to distinguish clearly between what is right and what is wrong. Yes, sometimes it seems to us as if the line between right and wrong is so close that one hardly knows what to choose. But the more you read God’s Word, the bigger the space between right and wrong, and making the right decision becomes so much easier.

May these words also become true for us: 3… He is my fathers’ God and mine, and my only purpose in life is to please him.



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