Poly-drug addiction, the simultaneous abuse of more than one drug, is a dangerous and popular activity. The mixing of drugs can have deadly effects. Interaction between drugs can be deadlier than accidental overdose on a single drug. Certain drugs potentiate the effects of other drugs. With pontentiation, overdose or adverse reactions occur at a fraction of the dose it would require with a single drug. Generally, the most dangerous drugs to mix are depressants. Heroin and Xanax is one deadly combination.

Mixing the two can cause the user to slip into unconsciousness and How to Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online without Prescription very possibly die. Alcohol and Xanax causes the same effect. However, with Xanax and alcohol people black out for a period time without any recollection of events during the blackout. Buy Xanax Online Some commit violent acts with no recall. GHB and Xanax will cause unconsciousness, convulsions, and death. Oxycontin classified as an opiate, it is similar to heroin. Mixing depressants decreases respiratory function leading to death.

Stimulants cause a spike in blood pressure leading to heart attacks and strokes. Methamphetamine and cocaine are stimulants, mixed with heroin, and injected these cause a roller coaster effect. Along with the respiratory depression caused by the heroin, a spike in blood pressure occurs. The body gets confused. This confusion leads the body to attempt to compensate for the mixed signals. If the body cannot compensate it shuts down. Alcohol and stimulants lead to cardiac problems. The use of stimulants produces abnormal heart rhythms. Alcohol also leads to heart problems. Repeated use of them together leads to fatal heart disease.

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