Most gals with dating experience know to just ignore a guy when he says that oh-so-predictable line: “I’ll call you,” after a date.

Chances are, he will call sooner than you want to and at a time that is most inconvenient, or not call for a long period of time.

If you really like the guy, it sucks when you don’t hear from him following a date the two of you had. But can you call him? Here’s the scoop:

You Can Call Right Away if Manners Are Your Excuse

A great way (well, the only way really) to get away with calling him immediately after the date is to show off your manners. Thank him for dinner because you forgot to!

Even if you know that you did say thank you, call and pretend call girls in islamabad you forgot anyway. This way, you get him out of your system a tiny bit and he’s left with a great image of you as a well-mannered and sweet girl.

The Waiting Game Guys Play

Whoever had a hand in teaching your cutie about the ways of the dating game no doubt shared with him that it’s horrible for a guy to look too eager for a girl. This is why they teach other to always put a wait period (usually a 3-day minimum) following a date and stick to this philosophy religiously.

So don’t worry if it’s only been a day or two and you haven’t heard from him. Not only is he following the guy rule, but he’s also probably nervous about that next phone call anyway.

Why it’s Almost Always Better to Play it Old-School

In almost all situations, it’s best to not call him. Pretend you’re in the 50’s and it’s strictly the male’s job to make the next move.

Yes, you modern ladies probably cringed when you read that, but the truth is that you should never be aggressive and chase him. That’s what he wants to do; that’s one of his main objectives as a male. Evolution programmed this in his brain, and there’s nothing we can do about it but play along no matter how stupid it may be.

The Danger Zone: When it’s Okay to Make One Call

If it’s been more than two weeks and you still haven’t heard from him, it’s time to make one last emergency move.

Make a single (JUST ONE!) call to him, but pick a perfect time so is feels very casual. For instance, if you happen to be driving close to his work or home neighborhood, ring him up. Say you were reminded of him because of being so close to whatever.

Keep the conversation short, upbeat, and friendly. If he doesn’t answer the phone or is unavailable, make sure you leave him a voicemail.

Did You Make the Classic Rookie Mistake?

There’s always the possibility that he has absolutely no intention of speaking to you again, depending on whether or not you were a good girl on the date.

If you slept with him on the first date, it can almost be guaranteed that you won’t ever see or hear from the guy again.

But don’t feel too badly about yourself, and know you’ll get over it quicker than you think. Just always remember to not make that same rookie mistake and sleep with a guy too soon. Or especially the first date!

What to do Instead of stressing too much about it

There are a TON of guys out there, so don’t limit yourself and put all your eggs in one basket right away.

So simply go on with your life. Do whatever you were doing before: school? work? hobbies? And grab an opportunity to go out with another guy if the situation presents itself.

Some Things You Can Try if You Really Like Him

If you want to try to win his attention back even though chances are low you’ll be successful, you can at least try certain things as last-ditch attempts. At this point, what do you have to lose?

Plot a “run-in” somewhere where you know he’ll be, and make sure you have a handsome guy with you as your date, go out with mutual friends if you know he’ll probably be there. etc.

But always keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to try to hard with any guy, ever.


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