The question that’s posted in the title of this article is probably one of the hardest ones that either the weed smoker or the ones that care about him need to answer. After all, this is the very first step to first learning how to quit smoking weed and then to actually quitting. Without knowing why, no decision will be made and no steps for treatment will be taken.

1. Psychology.

People tend to consider weed as one of those drugs that make one happy. The truth is that if smoked regularly, weed will lead its victim straight into depression or even schizophrenia. This drug changes the perception with which the person smoking looks at the world, which is always dangerous. gras online kaufen

Fortunately, even the most addicted individuals can quit, provided they are assisted by professionals ready to offer help when needed.

2. Society.

It is commonly known that weed addicts become increasingly antisocial which will eventually turn them into hermits. They will separate themselves almost completely from people and they will not be able to meet new people or even participate in meetings at work. In the end, if they don’t quit smoking weed, they will face unemployment and terrible poverty.

3. Values.

For the addicted, the drug is the reason for living. What that means is that they will do almost anything to keep using the substance. Of course, if they have money, they can go out and buy it, but if not, then the story gets a little more interesting. They will steal, lie, rob and do anything to get the drug.

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