World of Warcraft players, for the most part, either don’t make enough gold, or have it but can’t keep it. If you have a problem with earning and/or hanging onto gold, then hopefully these tips will help you. Whether you play for Alliance or Horde, here are the top tips for making gold in World of Warcraft.

– Loot absolutely everything that the mobs drop. As soon as you possibly can, upgrade your bag space. Loot EVERYTHING, no matter if It’s gray or not. Sure, those gray items may not be worth all that much, but they can add up after awhile.

– Don’t waste money. Only buy what you absolutely need at the auction house, such as bigger bags and potions. You don’t need gear or weapons after every single level. Don’t even worry about getting epic purple gear until you’re at least level 55. Even then, it’s not necessary to buy something new every time you level up.

– While you’re at it, don’t spend World of Warcraft gold on enchantments every time you buy something new. Save your enchantments and gems on expensive gear and weapons that you plan on keeping for awhile.

– Higher level professions such as enchanting are best for death knights in WoW. It’s a pretty hard profession to level, so you need to have gear worth enchanting if you’re going to spend some gold on it. Also, disenchant items whenever you can and sell the dusts, essences, and shards at the auction house.

– In order to earn money as a low level, you need to take up 2 gathering professions as soon as you can. Gathering professions include: herbalism, mining, and skinning. Store some of the items you gather and sell all the rest. Once you’re at a higher level, you can drop one of your gathering professions and trade it in for a crafting profession.

– Sell all the green items that you come across, unless you really need  Buy wow gold  some yourself. If you think your World of Warcraft character can benefit from a green item, then equip it. All the rest you come across needs to be sold at the auction house.

– If you take up herbalism, sell all the common herbs in large stacks and rare herbs in small stacks of no more than five. This is because no other player is going to pay a lot of gold for an expensive stack of 20 rare herbs when they only need two or three at a time. Examples of rare herbs that you can sell in stacks of 2-5 are: Lichbloom, frost lotus, tiger lily, and fire bloom.

– If you come across anybody trying to undercut other sellers at the auction house in World of Warcraft, buy the item yourself and then resell it for the average price! In fact, doing this often will have beneficial results. Buy all the cheap items you can find and then resell them for the average price!


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